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Risen Savior Bible Church


will proclaim the foundational truth of the sinful state of un-regenerated mankind and the real need for

 God's Grace


will confess the Gospel of Salvation and Peace with God whereby the penalty of all sin, by Grace, through the shed blood, death and burial of Jesus Christ

has been paid by Christ; thus imputing His perfect righteousness to the believer


will confess the Gospel of Salvation and Peace with God whereby the believer, through Christ's bodily resurrection has been reconciled to God and given, by Grace, eternal life and a new spiritual identity of Christ in us; which transforms the believer instantly into a new spiritual being, completely acceptable to the Father and sealed and indwelled by the Holy Spirit. This is true Spiritual formation.  


we will declare these truths to the world until

 Jesus Christ's imminent Pre-tribulation, Pre-millennial coming to redeem our physical bodies for an eternity with Him


We intend that:


 the whole counsel of the Word of God, and nothing else, will be our absolute authority and our only declaration to the world


the church will be dedicated to equipping the saints for sound daily living and to being and making disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ


We believe that:


it is only through worshiping God in spirit and truth, knowing the Holy Scriptures, and the teaching of and obedience to pure Biblical doctrine that the saints will be protected from false worldly teaching


and thus will be rightly equipped, as they walk in the Spirit, to deliver the wonderful Truth of God's Grace to the unsaved so that some might believe