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While the Bible is God’s Word, and God declares it to be so, it is not always preached as God intended. It is often misrepresented, doubted or mixed liberally with worldly "wisdom" so that the actual shed blood atonement for a depraved humanity is barely mentioned, or ignored altogether.


As a result of diminishing the authority of the Bible for years now, maybe even decades, the sheep in many Church fellowships have been slowly starved, some nearly unto death.  Most, in humble obedience, have opened not their mouths. They have trusted their shepherds to know what’s best for them and that trust has often been misplaced. 

Christ's sheep need the pure Word of God to eat or they will not grow. Indeed they cannot grow! If they cannot grow they cannot boldly share the Gospel. If they cannot boldly share the Gospel, how will the lost hear it? After years of pastoral neglect and fleshly enterprise, if Jesus Christ decides to remove it's candlestick (Rev 2:4-5) a local church is finished. It may continue to grow by numbers and mamon and even become a mega-church; when spiritually it has become a nega-church.  As a direct result of world-friendly preaching, in many churches, saved folks have stopped coming or have been lulled into a spiritual sleep of sorts. And so the churches have declined.


Many pastors have reacted wrongly to this self-inflicted dilema by changing to "seeker-driven" or "seeker-sensitive" or "purpose-driven" church models to fill the pews. To keep the "seekers' coming these ministers must present a watered-down version of the Gospel so as not to offend their new attenders. These "glospel" (as in sin and repentance being glossed over) services may be very comfortable and entertaining for the "seekers", but excitement, activity and feeling at ease are not the Way to Eternal Life. This "inoffensive" approach serves only to make things worse because the sheep aren't being fed properly, and the "seekers" aren't getting the message God wrote for them to hear. Christ adds to His church by faith in God's way. Man cannot add to the church in any way without Christ, not even a way that seems to be working. 


Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth and the Life; and He is revealed, without dilution, in the Holy Bible. The hearing of which, through the power of the Holy Spirit, convicts certain hearers of their filthy state and their desperate need for Jesus Christ unto their personal salvation. Just as importantly, the hearing of the Word is the lush sweet grass that fortifies and energizes those sheep who know Christ, who hear His Voice, and whose voices are known; to take His message for the world to the world out in the world.


The Grace in all this, as God has a Sovereign way of giving good despite getting badly honored, has been and continues to be a growing revival..... a new awakening of malnourished nearly comatose sheep, with a great hunger for the Word of God and a burning desire to share it. As before, throughout history, Jesus Christ is again calling out His faithful. As a result more and more Christians are leaving their "changed or changing churches" to seek or plant greener, more biblical pastures.


Risen Savior Bible Church has been called and created to be such a green pasture of Truth in a "pragmatically growing" desert of accommodation. This is the challenge for all true believers. Wherever you are, won't you join us in this work? Come out of your dry places and gather your flocks together with and for our Great Shepherd.

Praise Jesus Christ the Lord!

Oh, can you hear Him calling?