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Worship Committee
 Led By: Marcia Levake
 Contact Email: bmoorefree@wi.rr.com

The worship chairperson shall be appointed by the elders and will look for others in the congregation who are gifted to lead in the area of worship. This ministry shall purpose to lead the congregation in all aspects of corporate worship including the following: music, both vocal and instrumental, drama, reading of scripture and any media presentations designed to exalt the name of Christ and point people to worshiping God in spirit and in truth.  This group of leaders will identify others who are willing and able to serve in the above listed aspects of worship. They will commit themselves to supervise and train these people according to their talents and gifts to provide worship services that are balanced, biblical and excellently done to the honor and glory of God.

Worship Director: Pastor Mike Levake

Worship Committee: Marcia Levake 

Ushers: Gino Eickstaedt, Bill Gellert, John Reed, Terri Reed

Sound: Todd Kavinski, Jacob Hurm

Video: Bernadette Stukenberg, Julie Lewandowski